Make a Paper Rose Like a Ninja

Ancient Sneaky Valentine Tradition…

Just to keep you on your toes today, I’ll be guiding you through how to make a paper rose like a ninja. You can use them to add a three dimensional aspect to a flat card to be delivered under the cover of darkness, or drop them like breadcrumbs to lure a Valentine into your midst.


Supplies for your Mission:

  • scissors (with practice, you may be able to use your ninja sword)
  • the printed template
  • optional: paint, glitter or markers to decorate your rose

Step 1: (Optional)

Paint, color, or bling out the spirals on the template to capture the attention of the heart you desire.

Make a Paper Rose Like a NinjaStep 2: Cut on the dotted line

Using your scissors or razor sharp ninja sword, cut just inside the dashed line on the pattern so that any remaining dashes are on the edge toward the middle of the spiral.

Make a Paper Rose Like a NinjaStep 3:

Begin rolling the spiral from the outside, working your way in. If you’ve decorated your rose, lay the pattern face up and roll it to the inside if you’d like the embellishments to appear on the inside of your petals; Roll it in the other direction if you’d like them to appear on the outside.

Make a Paper Rose Like a NinjaStep 4:

Patience grasshopper… Keep rolling.

Make a Paper Rose Like a NinjaStep 5:

When you get to the end, you’ll have a small circle of paper. Squish this into a ‘tail’ with stealth, and insert it into the back of the rose.

Step 6:

Loosen the petals to the width of bloom you desire.

Download the Printable Paper Rose Template
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Make a Paper Rose Like a Ninja

The Recap

  1. Use your creative cunning to decorate the template so your master would be proud.
  2. With stealth and accuracy, carve the paper into one, long spiral strip.
  3. Roll up the paper from a bud into bloom, tucking the tail into the center at the back.
  4. Adorn your love letters (tune in next week for writing a love letter).

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