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What I Learned from Haz Said, Writer and Unicyclist

I get inspired with a little help from my friends I am always so incredibly impressed with my friends and acquaintances. I like to observe how creativity manifests through them. What I learned from Haz Said, writer and unicyclist, is inspiring. The truth is, we are all similar beings. We may [...]

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Why It’s Absolutely OK to Write a Self-Addressed Love Letter

Be My Own You might label Valentine's Day as a 'Hallmark Holiday'. Or maybe you have twenty hand-written love letters ready to be dropped with hugs and kisses to your friends and family.  Or maybe, if you're single, you're dreading and avoiding today altogether. But before you go out and do any loving or [...]

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Write It Out and Find Your Focus

Write it, Release it Stream of conscious writing is a creative break I like to employ daily, but especially anytime I am frustrated or feeling blocked. It is much easier to find your focused groove once you purge the things that are distracting you. It only takes ten minutes, you need very [...]

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Bust the Block with Story Play

Got Block? Ever find yourself stuck or uninspired? Maybe you have to write an important email or a letter and its like climbing up a vertical wall made of something awful, like a chalk board? Or bubbles? Or cat hair? OK, I'm getting ahead of myself, but stick with me here to bust [...]

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November Recap

Free Printable Winter Quote In addition to the beginning of the holiday hustle, there has been a lot of craziness in the world lately. I don't know about you, but there is a seat on the Struggle Bus with my bum print on it (see my previous posts about anxiety and how this time [...]

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Equinox Haiku

Happy Equinox! This Thursday marks the transition from summer to fall (my fave season), as well as a time when the day length is approximately equal to night. To celebrate this delineation in illumination, today's project is to write a short poem; specifically an autumnal equinox haiku. You probably know that a haiku [...]

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