Bust the Block with Story Play

Got Block?

Ever find yourself stuck or uninspired? Maybe you have to write an important email or a letter and its like climbing up a vertical wall made of something awful, like a chalk board? Or bubbles? Or cat hair? OK, I’m getting ahead of myself, but stick with me here to bust the block with story play.

Sometimes the easiest way to get something done is to stop and do something else. Just like my previous posts on writing a Haiku or  coloring mandalas, I have a little game you can use to get your creative juices flowing and get your mind ready that nagging task!

What is an ‘Adverb’?

Confession: I daydreamed through first grade grammar (oh man, I also just had to use spell check to figure out how to spell ‘grammar’). I don’t think I really understood what an adverb was until I was 25. Geez, I’m really baring my ignorant soul here. Did the educational system fail me?  Nope. I had to work really hard to not learn how to spell ‘grammar’ and keep myself in the dark about what an adverb is and still graduate high school with a 3.9 grade point average.

Despite my best efforts, I did learn what an adverb is (eventually) and I’m glad. Because you can’t play Mad Libs™ without this key piece of knowledge. And today’s playdate is similar to that block-busting, famous, fun-filled game.

So, in case you maybe forgot what an adverb or other type of word is, here is my handy-dandy reminder list:

  • Noun: A person, place or thing.

  • Verb: A word describing an action, state, or occurrence; ex. run, jump, sit.

  • Adjective: A word that describes a noun or pronoun; Can be a color, texture, attitude, etc.

  • Adverb: A word that modifies (adds to or changes) an adjective, verb, or other adverb or a word group. It expresses a relation of place, time, circumstance, manner, cause, degree, etc. (ex. quickly, kindly, eternally); Often ends in ‘ly’.

Don’t be intimidated! This really is easy…


Take you 15 minutes from banging your head against the ‘cat hair’ wall and use my Story Play worksheet to rekindle your creativity!

Get crazy with it- let your mind brainstorm and write down those outrageous words. Body parts are fun…

You can do this with a friend or solo– just don’t peek at the story if you are going it alone!

And if you are really into it, you can make a story play worksheet yourself: Jot down a quick story (it can be an existing story or one strait from your noggin), and then replace a few of the words or phrases with blank lines. It might be fun to play with family or friends at the next holiday gathering!

Download the Story Play Worksheet
Bust the Block with Story Play

The Recap

  1. If a task is hard, try to do something else for awhile and then come back to it.
  2. I DID know what a noun was. Phew!
  3. Oh please, oh please share your Story Play (or at least the good parts) in the comments below. I LOVE this stuff!

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