Ana Lara-Steely
Ana Lara-Steely

Tattoo Bling is a Thing

This month’s ‘Interview a Creative’ focuses on my niece Ana Lara-Steely, who let me know that tattoo bling is a thing. I watched Ana grow up expressing herself and observing how creativity manifests through her. She is an amazing illustrator and she has inspired me to take a fresh look at my old ink.

Tattoos may be permanent, but using bling, bindi, glitter or other decor to dress them up is my suggestion for this week’s creative break. Don’t worry if you don’t have any tats; your foot, arm or leg is a blank canvas and full of potential.

Ana was born in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is pursuing a degree in chicano studies and devotes much of her time to her ferret Henry.


What first gave you the idea to start blinging your tattoos?

I was just sitting at my work table bedazzling something else, and then I looked down and saw my tattoos and thought I should bedazzle them too.

Do you do it for special occasions, or just for fun at home?

I did it for a party last weekend – it was fun pre-party group activity. It would be a fun beach thing to do- the seagulls would love me.

What materials do you use in your bling?

Self-Adhesive rhinestones, glitter, non-toxic glue, mode lodge (but that isn’t good for your skin). My friend busted out some bindis and those are even better than the self-adhesives because they are cool shapes.

Can you give me a quick set of instructions?

Self-explanatory- blank spaces on your skin even work. I like to start with finer glitter and then use bigger pieces. Some people like to follow the lines of their tattoos, I like embellish with accents but not fill in the whole thing. Even if you don’t have tattoos, just go for it.

Tramp Stamp Revamp
Tramp Stamp Revamp
This author found it too hard to reach her tramp stamp. Thanks to my dedicated husband Scott for the bling!
Sequined Snake
Sequined Snake
Ana’s handiwork on her snake.
Do you do it to yourself, or have someone else do it? If so, who?

You can absolutely do it yourself, but if it is a hard to reach place it is nice to have someone else do it.

Are there people, places, traditions or things that inspire you to bling?
Not really, I just let it happen and go for it… I can do mermaids. Mermaids inspire me.


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