Teresa Shishim

Hi, I’m Teresa Shishim

I’m a Colorado illustrator and graphic designer, producing quality online and print communications for businesses and nonprofits since 2000. My diverse background includes industries such as software development, animal welfare, river restoration, energy efficiency, environmental consulting and holistic healing. I created my first web site when I was 14, and have been involved in creative work and design ever since. Each day, I put my creativity pants on one leg at a time.

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  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Procreate

  • XD

  • And many more!

Graphic Designer
I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth- the North Fork Valley near Paonia, Colorado. The landscape and food it provides inspire me daily. I use paint, pencil, paper, and even glass to create my hand made designs for logos, posters, brochures, social media, and more. Let me introduce you to my world!

When you contact me regarding a project, I’ll ask questions about your style preference, your target audience, what you want to accomplish, and what other work you like. Once I understand your needs, I write up a letter of engagement that we both sign, and I get to work!

I gather inspiration from the style preferences you’ve listed, your thoughts on color and consideration for effective communication. I tap into creative source with sketches and put it all together in draft form for your review. We go over it together, discussing how it will serve you best in meeting your goals.

Once finalized, I package files or send them off to a destination of your choice. When you receive your final product, I enjoy helping you share it with the world.

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.


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