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Classical Music Logo
Classical Music Logo

Classical Music Logo

I went back in time for this one! My task was to create a logo that would help people remember and recognize Ensemble Aceraes, a Renaissance “alta cappella” music group (wind/brass band, percussion) in Milan Italy. It needed to be beautiful, make people feel good, and convey the notion of fun music from hundreds of years ago with new life breathed into it. Historically this music would have been played for courtly dances, ceremonies and at festivals in the town square throughout the 1400’s to the early 1600’s.

My client provided me with some samples of things she liked and didn’t like, but I had the most fun doing research on renaissance music samples and lettering (yes, illuminated manuscripts!). I found some inspiration and then hand drew the monogram E and A in Procreate. I paired these with the Royal Signage lowercase typeface for the rest of the letters, and then added a gradient of muted colors from renaissance painting palettes to illicit lighthearted, nostalgic and energizing feelings about the client’s live concerts.

Finally, I created the stacked, horizontal and monogram versions of the logo so it would look good on written proposals, a website, social media and concert programs.

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Yoka Design’s questionnaire was very useful in helping me understand my own thoughts about what I was looking for. I was impressed by the choices of logo offered to me, which exactly represented the different aspects of my request.

Jody Livo, Ensemble Aceraes