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Equinox Haiku

Happy Equinox!

This Thursday marks the transition from summer to fall (my fave season), as well as a time when the day length is approximately equal to night. To celebrate this delineation in illumination, today’s project is to write a short poem; specifically an autumnal equinox haiku.

You probably know that a haiku is made up of three lines and is based on syllables, or ‘on‘; 5 on in the first line, 7 in the next and another 5 in the last line. But wait, there is more (!):

  • Haiku poetry is based on ‘cutting’, or kiru. This means using a cutting word to delineate between each part of the poem or two separate ideas.
  • It is traditionally themed on seasons.

The best way to write a haiku is to brainstorm words that have to do with the subject. Use the haiku worksheet I made for you to free associate words with ‘Equinox.’

Download the Haiku Worksheet

You can find an example of how I used the worksheet below.

Once you’ve got your list of words, it is time to compose. Don’t be afraid to count on on your fingers- that’s my favorite technique.

Please share your haikus in the comments below– I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Haiku Worksheet

The Recap

  1. Haiku is made of 5, then 7, then 5 syllables, contains a ‘cutting’ word (kiri) that delineates the poem and usually has a seasonal theme.
  2. Start writing by free-associating or brainstorming a list of words that speak to you about the subject.
  3. Jot your words on the free printable haiku worksheet.
  4. Share your haiku in the comments!

Happy Haiku-ing!

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