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Wow, it is the end of 2016. Instead of thinking about everything you want to change in your life for next year, I invite you to reflect on what you accomplished. I’m happy to say that I produced the creative journal you are reading right now- thank you for taking part in my big adventure! I have a gift for you for following along – the 5 Priorities Freebie.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to focus waaaay too much on what I haven’t done, and I get into a cycle of  feeling inadequate. I also think that New Year resolutions are a bunch of hooey. Who can focus on keeping something up for a whole year? I can barely remember to brush my teeth twice in one day.

That being the case, I rely heavily on using lists. Often they are kept on the back of my hand so that I’m forced to look at them once in awhile, like when I’m washing my hands (a flawed system, to be sure).


There is this great theory about setting priorities. If you are feeling overwhelmed, these are a must. Check out Warren Buffet’s 25-5 strategy on how to focus on top priorities (thanks James Clear!).

I took this method and made it into a day-by-day plan to keep track of the most important things I need to do each day. Its working pretty well, so before we jump into the December recap I’d like to share it with you – thank you for following along on this crazy creativity cruise.

I invite you to fill in each day first thing in the morning– don’t do the whole week, because things change. I made a lovely printable paper list (as opposed to the washed out back of my hand) so I want to look at it. Hang it by the side of your workspace so you can reference it when you feel yourself getting off track.

One more step (and this is important): look back on your worksheet at the end of the week and reflect on all you have gotten done. Take a moment to acknowledge the hard work you’ve put in. Celebrate!

Download the 5 Priorities Freebie

What does this list have to do with cultivating your creativity?

I know that when I’m feeling good and settled and like I haven’t forgotten something important, it is easier for me to relax and get in the groove to create (however, don’t rule out chaotic feelings can sometimes the best springboard to something awesome-sauce).

Use it as you will – perhaps as a tool in 2017 – and let me know how it goes!

And, um, don’t forget to include a creative break in your week.

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