Decorate for Day of the Dead

Decorate for Day of the Dead

Why is Halloween such a great holiday? Is it the candy? The cute kids? Scary and silly magically mixed into one dark night?

I’m pretty sure this is the best holiday because it is socially acceptable to walk around town pretending to be someone completely different. $50 says that there will be thousands of Donald Trumps out this Hallow’s Eve, and they will be having the time of their lives.

I was telling my five year old how hilarious it is when a scary zombie’s arm falls off in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video (classic). Why? Somehow the combination of seriousness and fun makes the perfect recipe.

Día de los Muertos

I don’t really know what happens to me or my loved ones after death, and that is kind of scary. I want to be remembered. I will miss food, so I’ll want to have yummy snacks to eat and lovely flowers to smell. A shot of tequila? Don’t mind if I do.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and following close on its heels I have become fascinated with the Day of the Dead. The riot of bright orange, pink and red colors contrasting with the darkness of night is one more example of how this time of year brings juxtaposition together so beautifully. Death is a dark subject- let’s throw a party!


In preparation for this dark time of  year, take 15 minutes to decorate a sugar skull.

Download and print this color sheet, grab some colors (or even just a black pen) and dive in!

Download the Sugar Skull Color Sheet

Tips and Ideas

I’ll have more sugar skulls and goodies at the Shoppe soon – you can print them on party invitations, seasonal stationary, or make them into stickers.

Decorate for Day of the Dead

The Recap

  1. How cool is it that we deal with scary subjects by throwing a party? Pretty cool…
  2. You get bonus points if you decorate your sugar skull and make a small ofrendas or alter for someone you’ve lost.
  3. Watch out for errant zombie arms out there… and all the mud-slinging Hillary and Donalds.

From the Shoppe

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