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Playing with Typography
Playing with Typography

Playing with Typography

Hilary wanted a logo, not to attract clients, but to legitimize her new editing business, which helps non-english speaking authors and graduate students refine books and dissertations in the English language. The “HEW” plays on her initials, as well speaks to her craft of honing and refining text for her clients. Making the ‘W’ dip into the underlying ‘M’ of ‘form’ was my way of playing with typography and creating a visual metaphor for the transformation of words into a fitted, complete body of work.

She showed me some logo concepts she liked, and using the shape of a brain, we crafted a tree with three hummingbirds in negative space (a totem she wanted to incorporate). The pencil trunk of the tree represents the writing she works to refine.

There are a lot of subtle nuances to this logo, but we settled on a version that satisfied Hilary’s need for a logo that represented her craft and her process.

I especially appreciated the in-depth interview Teresa conducted at the beginning of our project to familiarize herself with my perspective and goals for a logo design. Even though I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, she took what I said and came up with a design that accurately reflected what I was going for. She was responsive and communicated clearly throughout the process.

Hilary Watts, Hew to Form

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