Plant Labels to Inspire You

Itchy Green Thumb

No, I don’t have a weird gross disease. Its just that the days are getting a little longer, which always fills me with the notion that spring might just become a reality, after all. I’m always jumping the gun, but I figured that making plant labels to inspire you is a good task while it is still too cold to be planting most things outside.

If you have any sort of green thumb, you are going to want to check this out. And if not, these labels will make great gifts for the people in your life who like to garden or tend to their house plants.

Remember What Plants Look Like?

I know, it has been a long time since things were green and plants were growing. But they are making a come back… I can feel it.

If it is hard to remember what they look like, try doing a search like this one for ‘Growing Vegetables.’

Plant Labels to Inspire You


Here is what you need:


Start by using your fine-tipped marker to doodle pictures of your favorite plants on a scratch piece of paper or in a sketch book. I like to use a pen because there are no mistakes… drawings that aren’t perfect have character and are unique creations by you. Don’t get your control freak on.

Try using the super fun and entertaining ‘Don’t Look Doodle‘ style. You can also start by using circles and lines, like in the Hand Drawn Sticker Labels.

Once you have the basic outlines for your plant-ables, use color to brighten them up. I used some shiny gel pens on mine in the picture above on the right and I loved the way they turned out.

Make Your Stickers

There are several options for getting your labels onto stickers:

  1. Scan your design using the methods from this post and upload them to Zazzle. Upload your design to their round sticker template (1.5 and 3 inch circles available).
  2. Hand drawing each label is a great way to practice and play. You can get a sheet of labels from your office supply store, or you can pick them up here (weatherproof or gloss are great for labeling plants that you often are watering).
  3. If you already have the 2″ blank stickers, you can download the template below if you’d like sketch your designs and then use a copier to duplicate them onto your sticker sheets.
Download the Sticker Template

Stick It

Once you have your artwork on the labels, it is time to put them on the marker sticks. If your artwork covers the full sticker, place a seedling stick on the back of label and then place second sticker directly on the back of the first, with the stick in between.

An alternative is to make a half-circle shape by putting smaller versions of your artwork on each side of the circle and then folding them over as shown at right.

Plant Labels to Inspire You

The Recap

  1. The end of winter is near and it is time to start remembering what green plants look like. This is a great way to jog your memory.
  2. Expand your comfort zone by using