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Home Design business cards
Home Design Logo

Home Design Logo

Jeremy Werlin is a residential designer who has been building homes for more than 22 years. He needed a home design logo for his business to convey his professional, personable style. He is dedicated to creating homes that work with how his clients live, the surrounding land, energy efficiency and low maintenance.

He was drawn to the color orange and had a wide swath of hand-drawn and clean logo designs that appealed. The drafting lines were a must, to convey home design and architecture, while the look had to convey Jeremy’s competence and integrity to potential clients.

We created a double-sided business card for him using the gradient from his logo lettering, which will catch eyes in a hand or laying on a desk.

The questions Teresa asked about my business forced me to think about my work and the clients I was trying to reach in a new and helpful light. I appreciated her professionalism, creativity and eye for composition, as well as listening skills. Having worked with clients closely on home design and construction the last 22 years, when I become the client I prefer to find someone good and then get out of her way and let her work and lead me.

Jeremy Werlin, Home Residential Design

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