Project Description

Water Pathway Logo

Farm Logo Design

I had the honor of creating a logo for a Western Colorado farmer. Creative Agrarian Founder Mike Thrift is committed to permaculture, beyond sustainable practices, and creative problem solving.

I used a ‘WPA’ style figure using a scythe, which Mike uses on his property and finds to be a soothing way to mow. The motion of the scythe defines the round bottom of the logo, conveying the organic, cyclical philosophy used on the farm. The font and colors are also a nod to old-time nostalgia when life was ‘slower’.

Creative Agrarian offers garden and farm consulting, as well as a CSA. Find themĀ at

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Working with Yoka Design was what I’d hoped: a guided, yet collaborative and creative process.

The experience was well structured while also being flexible to my needs, and receptive to my feedback along the way.

I would recommend Yoka Design to others and plan to return for further design work in the future.

Mike Thrift, Creative Agrarian