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Winter ’20-’21 Reading List

Free Printable Winter Reading List In addition to the beginning of the holiday hustle, there has been a lot of craziness in the world lately. I don't know about you, but there is a seat on the Struggle Bus with my bum print on it (see my previous posts about anxiety and how this [...]

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Make Products Look Professional

Judge a Book by Its Cover I’m an avid reader. When I go to buy a book for myself or a friend, I select the most eye-catching, clever cover that makes me feel like the book would be a special treat. Your branding should attract and make your customers feel this way [...]

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Free Printable Valentine’s Day Card

Free Printable Valentine's Day Card Do you need a last-minute card for Valentine's Day? Don't panic! I just launched my Wagmore Font, and I'm happy to offer this free printable Valentine's Day card to give you a sample of how this fun font works. Download and print this 5" x 7" card (trim [...]

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My Creativity Story + March ReCap

How I Jumped Off I'm posting a different kind of blog today- one that is on the more personal side. I'm sharing my creativity story, complete with drama about fear and self-doubt, and how I arrived at using my creativity to make a living. Before we dive into this month's recap, I'll divulge a list [...]

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Tired of Your Tattoo? Zing it Up With Bling

Tattoo Bling is a Thing This month's 'Interview a Creative' focuses on my niece Ana Lara-Steely, who let me know that tattoo bling is a thing. I watched Ana grow up expressing herself and observing how creativity manifests through her. She is an amazing illustrator and she has inspired me to take a fresh [...]

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Vision Board: Create Your Future

What Do You See In Your Future? Want to make a change, but don't know what that might look like? Making a vision board to create your own future is a great place to start. What the heck IS a vision board? Think of it as a collage that helps you visualize your future. [...]

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Plant Labels to Inspire You

Itchy Green Thumb No, I don't have a weird gross disease. Its just that the days are getting a little longer, which always fills me with the notion that spring might just become a reality, after all. I'm always jumping the gun, but I figured that making plant labels to inspire you [...]

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Six Reasons You Need a Creative Break and February Recap

Six Reasons? You Only Need One... It is so important to periodically reboot your brain with a creative break. Some people I know tell me they have withdrawal symptoms if they don't get to be creative- they get moody and despondent, apathetic and depressed. Maybe that isn't the case for you, but there are some [...]

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