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Cover Design

Cover Design

Book cover design is one of my favorite kinds of work. I’m lucky enough have worked on the Heritage Road Book Series with author Judith Slawson-King.
There is so much planning and precision that goes into cover design- because readers DO judge books by their covers.

This series required cover design elements that would tie each book together, as well as features that distinguished them from the other books in the series. The palette is distinct for each volume, but they use the same arch and silhouette figures to frame the block and hand lettered title.

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Teresa Shishim worked with me for half a year on an extensive project: the design of book covers for a four-volume historical fiction series, and creating print books from my manuscripts. Her book cover designs were not only imaginative and exquisite, they were intuitive in the sense that they were a visual representation of what I could not fully articulate. Performing the exacting task of creating print books, Teresa was meticulous and most understanding when correcting an abundance of unanticipated author errors. Her responses to my messages throughout this process were always exceptionally prompt, well-informed and warmly reassuring.

Judith Slawson King, Heritage Road Books