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Book set cover design

Book Set Cover Design

John Records is a writer (and Zen priest!) who is working on revealing five books of wisdom to the world and needed a book set cover design. He showed me an example of a template he used with Canva and I was able to use the font and take the cover design to the next level.

I suggested using individual colors and icons for each book, so I used Adobe Photoshop to re-color each of the watercolor textures and drape them over the top to catch the eye, while unifying the set of books through similar layout.

Find John and his five books here at Pronoun.

Teresa was a superb collaborator in my project. She had great ideas, was responsive to feedback, did what she said she would do and did it quickly, and delivered beautiful work which has garnered many positive comments. I would happily work with her again, and recommend her highly.

John Records, Author

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