Project Description

Non-profit annual reports are important communication tools. When it is time to inspire and gather support, the annual report should be concise, beautiful, and convey stories that touch the heart.

Bringing in clear, communicative graphics and using colorful report design is the way to catch attention with annual reports, no matter what format they are in. The trend for non-profit reports is keeping it short and simple. Some organizations have a large double-sided postcard that they send out. Some businesses skip a printed version altogether and opt for a video.

4CORE annual reports below are four pages in a double sided, folding 11 x 17 format. I enjoyed working with the palette of graduated colors and the challenge of including a lot of information into a small amount of space.

Textures, color gradients, contrast and photographs are all used to engage readers. Check out the great work these organizations are doing!

4CORE 2015 Annual Report

KVNF Radio 2015 Annual Report

4CORE 2014 Annual Report