Project Description

Interpretive Sign Design

I had the great experience of melding a project I started as a river conservationist many years ago with my more recent career as a graphic artist. Working with the Western Slope Conservation Center (WSCC) on interpretive sign design for the Paonia River Park was a true homecoming; I was able to pick out some fascinating aspects of the park and turn them into educational concepts dappled with some hand-painted water color illustrations.

Another request from the client was to use timeless photography that wouldn’t look dated or out of style down the road. To this end, I researched and worked with the local historical societies to find images of the area that compliment the theme of each sign.

River Park Introduction Signs

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River Park Interpretive Signs

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In Situ

Style Guide

In addition, I developed the style guide for this project that will be used for designing signage for public access points within the rest of the river system.

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