Project Description

Card deck and guidebook

Cards and Guidebook

In collaboration with Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher, I created watercolor illustrations for the card back, packaging, and book called “The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Guidebook”. The deck has 62 different images of dogs in different settings and poses portraying a unique theme like Passion, Purpose, Balance, Cooperation, Breakthrough and even Boredom.

I used my Wagmore font on the box and guidebook to set the whimsical mood of these oracle cards. The card descriptions are fun, but also provide meaningful insight into different aspects of our personalities and those we relate to in our canine pals.

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Each theme has an inspiring phrase and the guidebook gives more information on what this card might mean.  For example, the card “Balance” phrase is “Steady as she goes” and the guide book shares questions and thoughts on what that might mean for you when you choose it.

I laid out the book using InDesign, and put my watercolor illustrations together digitally using Photoshop and Illustrator. I used Illustrator to create the design for the box packaging. The cards themselves were created from hand-chosen photographs, processed using Vinci, and assembled using Illustrator.

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