Project Description

Bike Shop logo SketchMy husband Scott just followed his life-long dream of opening a bicycle repair shop… and he hired me to create his bike shop logo and print material for advertising.


Being so close to home, I agonized a bit over the awesome sketch he gave me to work with. But agony it was and after reading about compass and straightedge construction in this article about ‘Modern’ logo design on Medium, I decided a simpler approach was needed using the rules of arcs and strait lines.


The final product brings it together for most people who don’t really ‘get’ the name ‘Shish KaBikes’ by itself. Of course, it incorporates our last name ‘Shishim’ and Scott’s nick name ‘Shish’, but it also brings in a culinary tool that most are familiar with to create a whole new use for it!

Bike Shop logo


I’m continually reminding myself that simple is always better in life, and, as it so happens, in design, too.


We can always complicate it or riff on the basics, if needed:
Bike Shop logo Sticker

Another great article is The 7-Step-Paul-Rand-Logo-Test, a rating system that rates draft logos on their most important elements.