Project Description

Western Colorado is filled with talent, amazing intellect, and passionate people. It was exciting to work on a TEDx poster, postcard, web header, and social media headers for TEDx Paonia and help create the look for the event with the simple red, white and black colors.

The poster, postcard, and other promotional material reflects our distinct skyline and theme of ‘Pushing Through the Pavement’.

Hand Drawn TEDx Paonia Graphics

I used the holiday vacation this year to relax and doodle more. I found Joanna Fink’s ‘Zenspirations’ book and have been a doodling fool ever since. The flowers and cracked pavement are “zenspired”.

I of course had to use the silhouette of the West Elk Mountain skyline so prominent in Paonia the background. Negative space and stars make everything better, too.

The videos are now available online – check out the amazing speakers!

TEDx Poster

TEDx Poster


TEDx Postcard Front


TEDx Postcard Back